Don't Commit SoMedia Suicide

#TXNL is for everyone; males, females, exes, nexts, friends, and haters. We have 10+ affinity groups in addition to Single Remedies, so there is a place for every genuine person.

When you are no longer single, you may want to join Interpersonal Remedies. But before you get to that point, it would be wise to share the positive, encouraging and life changing information available in #TXNL with anyone you may be interested in getting serious with. After all, if you aren’t like minded you’ll want to know that sooner rather than later.

What you definitely should not do is try to sever ties with friends online and disappear from existing circles to hide your current life from your potential future mate. You will be found out. But not only that, neither they or you really knows what you’re getting if it’s sudden and based on deception of any kind.

It is hysterical how many men over the years, have suddenly updated their relationship status after asking me out. Some folks even go so far as to unfriend you, as though your mutual friends aren’t going to tell it all. Lucky for them I had no interest in blasting anyone online for the sake of embarrassing them or they would have been done.

I was relieved I didn’t fall for it each time… I don’t want anyone who’s unsure to change their relationship status for me. Do you?


Let’s discuss it…