Self Preservation Is The Antithesis of Love 

Are you the one always causing someone else to shake something off? I if you are, you don’t get to say “get over it.” That’s when it’s time to be humble and ask forgiveness.

Lessons in forgiveness are not to be taught by the one doing the offending. I’ve heard a lot of folks amen me when I’m tell someone else to forgive, yet they are the culprit… or “the pot calling the kettle black.” The real leader in the situation is the one willing to apologize and the one who cares more about the other person than they do about being right. Can you remain calm even when someone else goes off the deep end?

You don’t get any points for being right. When you hurt people it doesn’t matter who won the argument. Who do you think is keeping the score when you think you’ve won?

Defensiveness is a trick that you play on yourself. Who or what are you defending yourself from when you take on a negative attitude, speak sharply, twist conversations, stop listening to reason, or hold a grudge against someone you care about? Don’t you care about all humans? Who do you think you’re hurting when you convince yourself that someone doesn’t care about you besides yourself?

Love is an action word, it takes work and is selfless. Humility, forgiveness and sacrifice go hand in hand with Love. Are you really ready to be loved or will you convince yourself that it is not real and abuse it?

♥ is easy when you let go of pride, ego and/or fear. Woooosaww, let it go!

I’m just saying.