Lovers be careful what you wish for and what you proclaim 

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Men in relationships, I’m talking to you especially. Don’t blow it!!!

TXNL Single Remedies

If you are in a relationship and you don’t appreciate the person, and you criticize them all the time, more than likely you will eventually be free from the burden (even if you didn’t really want to).

Soooo here’s the scenario… stay with me:

You finally get free from someone who obviously drives you crazy and you have nothing good to say about (at least not to them). Then ring their phone off the hook after 6 months and ask them to have your child. Try to get them to settle down and plan for marriage. Then after you get their attention, you announce to the world that you are interviewing for wives.

Oh, if that’s not funny enough. This little public display has you feeling cocky so now you are back to the same derogatory, insulting conversation that got you kicked to the curb in the first place. Yes this story is somewhat embarrassing how could I fall for such foolishness? Well I’m here to tell anyone judging, it happens to perfectly normal people, some you may even know and/or follow.

All I can do is laugh. I know you want me back… they always do, cause I’m a good woman and I treat my man right (to the point where the overt criticism is not even genuine or constructive). I’m even loyal to a fault and will always consider taking someone back. Hey anyone can change. But I’m also a philosopher, minister, researcher, and coach (and unlike many Dr.’s none of that is lost on self improvement), so I will not jump back in head first with my eyes closed blinded by love.

If I take you back, we start from scratch. This is the only way for you to have any opportunity to do it different and for me to have the peace of mind to not be waiting for you to start hating again. If that’s too much for you, then you don’t really want me… you only think you do… and that makes me sad for you.


The biggest mistake that men can make with a woman is letting a good thing get away… then trying to get her back with the same slow game. Dude!!! That woman you had is now wanted by your friends, her co-workers, the mail man and every other guy who’s been waiting for you to get out of the way; and wondering why she puts up with your crap. The worst thing you can do is let your mind believe she doesn’t have options and to say something ridiculous to her that implies such. Now you just let her see what an idiot you really are and that you have no intention of doing right by her.

It’s only because she’s a good woman and has genuine care for you that she even gave you the time of day to explain or say something worthwhile and you blew it!

Oh well… man’s ways are right in his own eyes.