#LivingSugarFree Courtship Tips:

This is not a how to for dating… it simply applies to men interested in dating me…

If you don’t care about #LivingSugarFree or #TXNL (those are my babies), keep it movin!

If you think I should have more money, a nicer house, be more convenient, or in anyway not be who I am, keep it movin!

If you are smug, sarcastic, judgmental or like to make the others the butt of your jokes to make yourself feel better or more important, keep it movin!

If you lack integrity and are not a man of your word, keep it movin!

Here’s a clue: if you like a woman, someone else does too just the way she is… when you try to change a good woman you sabotage your own blessings.

Being in love for Love’s sake, doesn’t mean you will fall for anything!