#LivingSugarFree | It’s Not That Serious 

I’ve noticed that some grown men, because of their own hurt and past experiences, treat the women they’re attracted to like robots. Women are not all the same, and yet courtship is not rocket science. These are  mere observations, and men are definitely not all the same either. It’s just not that serious until it’s serious.

  1. Just because you think I’m sexy or fine or can have whatever guy I want, doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.
  2. Just because you think I have the potential to break y
    Rain Heart #Quote

    People make time for what’s most important to them, not excuses.

    our heart doesn’t mean you should try to get me first.

  3. Just because I stop and pay special attention to you, doesn’t mean I’m obsessed or want to marry you. (My favorite)
  4. Just because you think a certain way about a women, doesn’t define who they are.
  5. Just because someone said bad things about you does not define who you are.

In any relationship between humans, quality communication is a key to success. Be honest about your intentions and have standards but don’t place expectations on others.

Think of a time you found yourself caught up in a situation, feeling that more was expected of you, then you were willing to give? Now think about whether you were people pleasing or making empty promises. Was the pressure self inflicted?

Take charge of your life by being more true to yourself and others… by being honest with the world about your expectations for yourself and what you are willing to do or not do to get there. Owning who you are and what you desire, gives you the freedom to receive all you’re hoping for. In every situation be comfortable with who you are. Knowing that if it’s for you, you don’t have to figure it out.

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